Barnies Day Nurseries and Pre-schools

Child's Views

Here are some of the delightful things the children tell their parents about Barnies:

S loves...
Everything about nursery. He says, I love going to Barnies – in fact I love it so much I skip in! I get to do so many things in my day – drawing, colouring, listening to stories, singing and playing in the home corner. I especially love playing in the garden with the bark and all of the vehicles, the car and the digger are my favourites. It's a great place to come and be with my friends. The people at Barnies are so kind and caring and I have so much fun every day.

J says...
I have been going to Barnies for nearly three years now and I have so much fun! My favourite activities include building things - like marble runs - playing outside with my friends and doing arts and crafts. Last week I made a woodwork train, which I am very proud of! The grown ups always help me to learn new things and make sure every day is lots of fun.

Loves nursery and everything about it, the teachers, the other children, playing, learning and making friends! I never thought I'd say this but her favourite thing is learning to write letters and words and she's improved so much!

ALoves waking up in the morning knowing she has a day ahead of her at Barnies and looks forward to the various themes she and her friends learn about. A... showcases her learning at Barnies through various pieces of art which she proudly brings home to us. Examples include, Remembrance Day (where she learnt about poppies and their significance), Diwali (where she learnt about light and created Henna artwork), Seasons (where A… used autumn colours to make a leaf, created a picture of a snowman), Children in Need (where she donated and learnt about charity and Pudsey Bear) and other celebrations including Christmas, Easter and Chinese New Year. A… also loves the weekly phonics session's Barnies do with them and has full admiration of the team who look after her with such care and grace.

What J.. would say about Barnies:
 I look forward to going to Barnies and seeing my friends and teachers.
They do so much with me that I am always laughing and learning.
I enjoy playing outside and making things.
Barnies is the best!

Olivia says:
'I like the home corner because I like making food.'

Oscar says:
'I like the polygons because they click, they are red and I build.'


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