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Keeping Children Healthy

Nutritional Menus & Keeping Children Healthy

Keeping Children Healthy
Staff are competent and understand the need to encourage and help children to be healthy.  A well-balanced menu is provided and regular communication with parents about individual routines, portion sizes, dietary requirements etc. maintained. Changes to appetite or preferences are quickly observed. Food and liquid consumption are regularly monitored and recorded to ensure children do not go hungry or become dehydrated. Children will be fed, supported with feeding and allowed opportunity for self-selection provided that basic nutritional needs are met. Practitioners are trained to monitor intake and address any cause for concern including peer pressure between older children, fads, changes in appetite etc. Drinking water is freely available in all areas for children to self-select or request.

With the support of a nutritional expert the menu has been planned in accordance with the requirements of the EYFS and the guidance documentation provided by the DfCSF and School Fund Trust. A complete allergy audit has also been completed for all food items included in the menus and is displayed within the kitchen for easy reference and checking. Children are taught about different food types, portion size and control through the use of pictorial menus and guidance. They talk about being healthy and identify with our Healthyeatadour dinosaur who supports and encourages the healthy eating approach.

Toilets and hand washing areas are kept clean and monitored regularly throughout the day and children are encouraged to develop independence in these areas as appropriate. Good hygiene practices are adopted consistently and are part of the nursery’s routines; there is frequent discussion on the importance of this eg. Children understand the need to wash hands coming in from the garden. There are pictorial instructions for hand washing, nose blowing etc.

Oral hygiene is encouraged after lunch through the use of ‘Smiley the crocodile’ from the Oral B ‘Stop the Rot’ campaign. Information about this is also provided for parents to continue at home.

Children are given ample opportunity to be active both indoors and out and the benefits of physical activity are discussed regularly.

All staff are required to gain a Food Hygiene certificated training qualification.


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