Barnies Day Nurseries and Pre-schools

Barnies Head Office

A short history...

The original setting in 1996 operated from a small purposely converted and renovated barn. The name Barnies was only used as a casual label during the renovation period whilst something more suitable was agreed but the label stuck and whilst the business no longer operates in any building that is remotely like a barn the brand and ethos of Barnies has grown with the title.

Tel: 01732 851 841

The future...

The building is self-contained with its own small bathroom and kitchen, office and conference room. Senior management meetings, staff development and training are all accommodated at Head Office providing employees with a personal and professional environment to conduct such events. It also provides a central administrative function.

The Proprietor holds a Cert Ed (Post 16) teaching qualification and is responsible for leading and developing in-house training specific to the business needs alongside commissioning and sourcing external training for specific qualifications such as First Aid, Basic Food Hygiene etc. Barnies also works in partnership with other training providers to offer childcare qualifications to Level 3 and above.

Our focus ensures that all stakeholders have a clear vision of our mission to improving outcomes for children. Our ethos is derived from our motto:

“We measure success by a child’s happiness
and not just technical progress.”