Barnies Day Nurseries and Pre-schools

A Typical Day

Is there such a thing?

How can a ‘Typical Day’ at Barnies really be explained when working with children is always so unpredictable but that’s the pleasure and charm that makes our day so special and rewarding.

A Typical Day

Research identifies that children thrive best when they have the familiarity and assurance of a safe and regular pattern and structure to their day. Therefore, we often use a pictorial time line for reference because children from birth to five have limited communication and understanding skills. Through pictorial evidence they can identify and be confident about the time frame in the day; where we are’ NOW’ and what is coming ‘NEXT’.

Children in the Under Two section follow more individual routines as determined in partnership with the parent/carer. However, as children naturally develop in confidence and skill they are encouraged to explore and experience similar activities and routines familiar to the older children. As and when appropriate they are encouraged to visit the ‘over two’ areas to experience group meals and singing sessions etc. in preparation for the eventual transition. The over two children experience some brief mixed ‘free play’ and ‘family’ periods but in between these times they follow an unplanned agenda of spontaneous learning.

Family Times - Barnies recognises the importance and positive benefits children gain from experiences with older or younger peers and siblings. Opportunities for mixed age groupings are planned as part of the routine and children are encouraged to form positive relationships which promote high self esteem. It is greatly recognised that children learn equally from their peers as well as other adults and mixed family groups enhance greater opportunity for sustained shared learning. 

Activities may include; story time, register, group singing, meals and snacks, parties and celebrations etc.  

Free Play – Free play provides a period of time when the children have an open choice for what they wish to play with.  They can move freely from table to table or around the floor without restriction.

Barnies Curriculum is delivered in between the Free Play periods.

8.00 – 9.00 – Arrivals and breakfast, mixed group free play and settling into nursery. Older children are invited to help prepare snack.

12.00 – 2.00 – Lunch followed by a quiet period or sleep depending on individual requirements and once again mixed group free play completely child initiated. At approximately 2.00 we encourage children to tidy up as a group sorting exercise but naturally with support and direction. Those that have had a sleep re-join and the children come together for quiet reflection and starting the afternoon with a milk drink.

4.00 – 6.00 – Tea followed by mixed group free play.
Children arrive and depart throughout the day depending on the contractual arrangements but the purpose of this guide provides a general over view.