Barnies Day Nurseries and Pre-schools

Staff Voice

Consistent self-assessment, evaluation and reflection.

Barnies is led by a highly professional team qualified to degree level with two leaders achieving Early Years Professional Status. There is a continual persistence for excellence driven by rigorous and robust systems and procedures which insist on consistent self-assessment, evaluation and reflection at all levels. Senior managers meet regularly to review and reflect on practise and to set objectives. An annual reflection and evaluation completed by all employees feeds into the Setting Improvement Plan (SIP) where all stakeholders set the annual objectives. The settings own Self-Evaluation links directly to the judgements made by Ofsted in line with the education inspection framework (EIF).

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this team – keep doing what you do, you are all amazing"

"To the most amazing team in the world. You are like my family and I’ll never find any other team like you. You have picked me up when I needed you to, you make me laugh, but best of all you’re my friends that I can share anything with. I will miss you all and will come and visit as I won’t be able to stay away."

"Thank you for creating a welcome environment and supporting me through my course. I really appreciate all that you’ve done and made me feel like part of the team."