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Barnies Curriculum

Children have an entitlement to learn...

A curriculum at this early stage is all about what a child needs to know to develop, a cultural capital or the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens and to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education. Children arrive at Barnies with many different experiences from each other and we help them to experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live.


Play is vital for children, it’s through play that babies and young children learn, grow and have fun. It helps them understand the world, to develop socially and emotionally and to gain the confidence to handle whatever life brings them. All children should be able to play and learn in a fun environment with adults who understand and care about them. Barnies provides a variety of play experiences which forms the foundations for our early year’s curriculum.

Teaching should not be taken to imply a ‘top down’ or formal way of working. It is a broad term that covers the many different ways in which adults help young children learn. It includes their interactions with children during planned and child-initiated play and activities: communicating and modelling language; showing, explaining, demonstrating, exploring ideas; encouraging, questioning, recalling; providing a narrative for what they are doing; facilitating and setting challenges.

It takes account of the equipment adults provide and the attention given to the physical environment, as well as the structure and routines of the day that establish expectations.

Curriculum   Curriculum

Our Intent to deliver the curriculum at Barnies includes:

  • Developing positive relationships with each individual child.
  • Inspiring the children to develop creativity, curiosity, knowledge and skills and resilience.
  • Challenging the children in their learning.
  • Supporting the children to become life-long learners.

Our Implementation of the curriculum at Barnies includes:

  • Creating a workshop style environment that the children can freely access and supports high levels of involvement.
  • Continually monitoring, assessing and reflecting on the children’s levels of involvement in all areas and consider options for enhancing or extending the learning opportunities.
  • Allowing the learning to be led by the child in the moment, it is critical that we start with the child, be led by the child and find ways to respond which suit the child.
  • Observing and listening to the children assessing and ‘planning’ how to respond, we use pondering questions, ‘I wonder if …’ ‘Have you noticed?’