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Barnies Clothing

What to wear...

Barnies ClothingDo send your child in easily washable clothes. Although we provide aprons and take care, children are working with messy materials, which have a habit of spreading everywhere.

It is very distressing for a child who has worked hard at an activity to find themselves in trouble at home for making a mess of their clothes. If paint does get in your children’s clothes, soak them for a while in water, and then wash with soap or soap powder Not detergent which tends to set the stain.
In case of emergencies we do have a limited supply of nursery clothes which we will change the child into. It would be very helpful if you could wash through and return the spare clothes.

Also, please think about clothes which might limit their independence like belts or dungarees, which they cannot undo in time to get to the toilet.

Jewellery is not suitable for nursery. Apart from the risk of getting lost or spoilt, when children are taking part in vigorous physical activities, as they do at Barnies, jewellery is dangerous. Consequently, the only jewellery that is allowed at nursery is stud earrings. Any other jewellery will be removed from children and kept in the office for your collection.