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Barnies Outdoor Play

Play outside whatever the weather...

Barnies Outdoor PlayAll children will be given the opportunity to play outside throughout the day whatever the weather. It is important you dress your child for nursery appropriately. We endeavour to provide waterproof trousers, wellingtons, hats and gloves through the winter, sun hats and sun cream when it’s sunny.
Children get wet, muddy and messy when they play outside. We teach children how to minimise how messy they get and they do get better at this as they get older, but it’s part of their learning and development – you can’t expect them not to get messed up playing in mud.

We will not compromise on allowing children to play outdoors as we believe it to be an essential component of young children’s learning and development.

Children must be allowed to experience the world around them in full, messy, muddy, wet environment if are to make useful meaning of it.

Please note: Getting wet does not cause us to catch a cold. If the cold virus is around, we will pick it up regardless of whether we are wet or dry.