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Keeping Children Safe

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Keeping Children SafeYoung children are vulnerable, but they develop resilience when their physical and psychological well-being is protected by adults.

Staff recruitment, induction, training, development and appraisal procedures include issuing of guidelines and terms and conditions of employment. Training and development include the completion of an induction programme, training log with internal and external training courses as appropriate, practitioners are encouraged to obtain recognised qualifications up to degree level as applicable. Observation, assessment and continual professional development (cpd) is sustained through a dedicated commitment to regular supervision, peer observations and appraisals. Staff are required to obtain and renew Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding and Prevent training. Staff are required to provide references, complete a health declaration and DBS check. The contract of employment also requires employees to notify their manager of any changes to health and/or circumstance which may breach their employment terms.

Allegations against a person either employed, working or visiting Barnies are governed by the details contained within the Safeguarding Policy. The reporting to and involvement of the LADO will be undertaken if the allegation is substantiated.  Barnies recognises the importance of working with any child protection authority or the police on such issues and will respond accordingly. Barnies takes care to ensure that staff are trained and supported on issues of safeguarding and promotes a positive ethos and culture so they do not feel threatened to confront, challenge and report concerns.

There are comprehensive checks and systems in place to ensure that all personnel are kept safe whilst on the premises and staff have a competent ability to complete drills, checks and records accurately. External risk assessment is completed prior to visits and outings. “Safe risk” is applied to develop children’s awareness in personal safety both in a physical sense with space and equipment and when out and about.   

Procedures for accessing the premises for parents and children are explained during the settling procedure and reminders of procedures are displayed, especially for notification of medication and collection procedures. Non arrival and unauthorized changes of collection are always followed up. Parents are made aware of our commitment to safeguarding aspects and records during the settling process. Visitors are required to follow set procedures and where applicable are accompanied at all times.     

Work experience students and those on placement complete induction training and work under close supervision. Barnies is frequently recognized and awarded for promoting partnerships which support essential industry training and experience for students.  

Barnies is committed to support, enhance and promote the wellbeing of all the children in their care. This is governed by the directives included in all the policies, parents’ instruction and legislative requirements. Personal hygiene is advertised and encouraged to prevent cross contamination, spread of disease and to pronounce children’s awareness. Children must feel safe and secure in the early year’s environment. Guidelines on the administration of medication are very stringent. Admission of children requiring medication will be considered on an individual basis and must be discussed with the Manager. Children and staff will be excluded from attending due to symptoms or illness of any contagious disease or infection. Exclusions will depend on the disease or infection and the recommendations of a medical professional. Persons suffering from sickness or diarrhoea will be excluded for a period of 48 hours.   

Through the appointment of the key person the children are encouraged to form attachments within the setting which reduces anxiety as well as developing a genuine bond with the child and offering a settled, close relationship. With the allocation of a key person it is hoped that the children and their parents become familiar with the setting and feel confident and safe within it.